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  • +94 11 70 4598 983

  • Email

  • smiley@pragicts.com

Platform Features

100% Customizable

Tailored to your exact needs

100% Web Browser Based

No client end software is required

100% Responsive

Run it on any Internet-enabled device.

100% Open Source

Deploy it on any platform/configuration

Live Dashboard

For real-time tracking and corrective action

100% Customizable Reports

Reports to meet your requirements

Application Features

Live Dashboard

Tracking your customer sentiments across your entire organization down to the specific feedback device.

Definitions Management

Define your smiley devices, locations, and smiley emoji as per your needs.

Sentiment Notifications

Configure for notifications on emoji severity for immediate actioning.

Comprehensive Reports

Bespoke reports to meet your exact needs with export options.

Application Integration

Smiley architecture enables integration with any 3rd party application.

Access Management

Smiley platform access is fully managed through user-role access.