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What do you mean by 100% customizable ?
  • The Smiley platform is customized to fit your exact company and business vertical needs. PragICTS will make the required customization prior to deployment.
What is the deployment time frame of Smiley ?
  • It all depends on your customization needs. In most instances we can deploy within 2 to 4 weeks.
What kind of support do I get after deployment ?
  • You get full support from PragICTS right throughout.
How about User Training ?
  • You are provided with full onsite user training with live mock runs from PragICTS.
Do I require any additional hardware and software requirements and costs ?
  • Depends. In most instances, there is zero need for any hardware or software as the complete solution engineered on 100% open source technology stack. Therefore the Smiley platform can be deployed on most configurations.
Are there any hidden or indirect costs in addition to the monthly utilization fee ?
  • No none at all. All costs are tabled upfront.
How is my data backed-up ?
  • It is backed-up as per your needs by PragICTS.

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